Lord Ayyappa HD Wallpapers, Images, Photos & Pictures (1080p Full HD)

Lord Ayyappa is a famous Hindu god who is helping for our growth and is particularly very popular in the state of Kerala. He is an artificial deity, the son of Shiva and Mohini, and also considered to be the female avatar of Vishnu. Lord Ayyappa is having some other names like Ayyappa, Sastavu, Hariharaputra, Manikanta, Shasta or Dharma Shasta. Lord Ayyappa becomes very popular in many parts of India. The Sabarimala is a famous shrine for Lord Ayyappa and so many peoples are going to Sabarimala and worship Lord Ayyappa in the month of December. Lord Ayyappa is a celibate deity.

Lord Ayyappan temples clearly show him as a celibate yogi. Lord Ayyappa is referred to be an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Lord Ayyappa is also called as Hariharan Puthiran which means the son of both Vishnu and Shiva. Lord Ayyappa is having another famous name called Manikandan because, according to his birth, his parents tied a new golden bell is referred as mani around his neck. Manikandan defeated Mahishi and threw her on the ground.  Lord Ayyappa was also known as Manikandan through huge stones on her to ensure that she could not come again. This place is called as Kalidum Kunru situated on the Azhudha hill, even today, so many pilgrims pick up a stone from Azhudha River and throw it in this place marking Mahishi’s defeat.

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Lord Ayyappa HD Wallpapers, Images, Pictures & Photos (1080p Full HD)

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